• Getting started

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    MyLearning is a free, smartphone-based app provided by the SSSC to help you quickly and conveniently log learning activities wherever and whenever they take place.

    MyLearning allows you to:

    • set yourself learning targets and view your progress towards them
    • record learning logs in your MyLearning journal
    • tag your learning logs so you can easily find them later, to help develop your thinking and reflections
    • use your learning logs as evidence towards Open Badges
    • share your learning logs with others, such as your manager or a potential employer.
    Get started

    If you already have an SSSC Open Badges account, you can get started right away.  If you don't have one you'll need to create one when you open the app for the first time. Alternatively, you can create an account at the Open Badges website and use it to log into the MyLearning app.

    Next, you'll need to download the app to your smartphone. The app is available for Apple iPhones 5 and above, and most smartphones running Android 9 or later.

    Apple iPhone / iPad users - download the app from the App Store.

    Button linking to the Apple App store

    Android Users - download the app from Google Play (we recommend being on at least Android 10 for the best performance):  

    Button linking to the Google Play store

    Once app is installed, you're ready to go! 

    TOP TIP: Set yourself learning targets (for example, five learning logs and two Open Badges a month) straight away to focus your efforts!

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  • MyLearning Open Badges

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    We've created a series of Open Badges for MyLearning users to help you get the best out of it.

    The MyLearning: Logger Open Badge is awarded to people who successfully create an entry in the MyLearning journal and use it as evidence towards an Open Badge.

    The MyLearning: Sharer Open Badge is awarded to people who successfully log entries in their MyLearning journal and share their journal with someone else.

    The MyLearning: Self-directed Learner Open Badge is awarded to people who successfully use the MyLearning service to build their learning and reflections on a topic of their choosing.

    We plan to publish more Open Badges over the next few months, so keep checking back.
    • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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      What is MyLearning?

      MyLearning is a free app developed to help you record and reflect on the learning you do every day. For example, you may have an interesting conversation with a colleague, attend a conference, watch a documentary or listen to a podcast. MyLearning makes it easy to record and track this learning as you go.

      Why did you create MyLearning?

      Social service workers in Scotland told us they wanted an easy way to evidence their continuous professional learning (what we used to call post registration training and learning or PRTL). MyLearning puts you, the learner, at the heart of your own learning.

      Am I required to use MyLearning?

      No. There is no obligation to use MyLearning. SSSC registered workers have to satisfy their CPL requirements but can do this in several ways. Using MyLearning is one option.

      What I do need to get started with MyLearning?

      All you need is a smartphone with the free MyLearning app [Apple /Android] installed and an SSSC Open Badges account.  Please remember that this is a different from a MySSSC account.  You must create a MyLearning/Open Badges account if you have not already done so.

      Please note that the Android version of the MyLearning smartphone app is available on devices running Android 9 and above.  For your security, we do not recommend using devices running older versions of Android which are no longer supported by Google.

      Can I log non-SSSC learning with MyLearning?

      Yes. You can log any type of learning at all, and we encourage you to do so.

      I downloaded my PRTL log from MySSSC. Can I transfer this into MyLearning?

      Yes.  Create a new learning log called "My PRTL" and attach the Word document you downloaded from MySSSC.

      Where can I find my registration period start and end dates? (SSSC registrants only)

      You can find these dates on your Certificate of Registration. Alternatively, you can find them by logging into your MySSSC account and clicking or tapping on the “My Registration with the SSSC” tile.

      How many hours CPL do I need to record during a registration period? (SSSC registrants only)

      The number of hours of CPL you are required to record depends on what part(s) of the Register you are on. You can check using this online tool.

      What does the SSSC do with MyLearning data?

      Your data is transferred and stored securely in the UK, and we will never share any of this information with anyone else without your consent. The SSSC may use your data to identify trends in learning, and to help us understand what types of learning resources you find or might find useful.

      For more information on how your data is used, visit https://learn.sssc.uk.com/mylearning/privacy.html

      What does Mthe SSSC do with MyLearning data?

      If your MyLearning app is crashing, there could be a few reasons. The main one is that your iOS or Android version is too low. We recommend being on a minimum of Android 9 and iOS 12 for the best experience. It is good to keep your phone's operating system up to date so it can remain secure.

      I have another question.

      Please post queries and suggestions to the MyLearning forum on the Open Badges website at https://www.badges.sssc.uk.com/forums/forum/mylearning/

      Please note to access the forum, you'll need to login with your SSSC Open Badges/MyLearning account.

      • Learning and Development / Organisational Development

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        This information is for people with responsibility for learning and development, organisational development and information technologists.

        People in my organisation are already using MyLearning

        If people in your organisation are using MyLearning, they may wish to share their learning journal with you. They can do this using the ‘Share learning journal’ function of the app to direct it to any appropriate email address.

        Using MyLearning in your organisation

        While people in your organisation may already use MyLearning, you may wish to consider encouraging teams to use it. We want to partner with organisations to explore how you can use MyLearning across teams and whole organisations. To arrange a chat about partnering with us please contact digitallearning@sssc.uk.com.

        MyLearning QR codes

        To make it easy for MyLearning users to log their engagement with your learning resources or events, you can request a customised MyLearning QR code to be generated. This can be included in the content of an online module, on a website, as part of a presentation or printed out.

        Try it out now! Scan this QR code using the MyLearning app to see an example of what's possible.

        A QR code which can be scanned using the SSSC MyLearning smartphone application.

        To arrange to have a MyLearning QR code built for your resource or event, please contact digitallearning@sssc.uk.com.

        Working with your Learning Management System (LMS)

        As a learning professional, you already know learning happens in different places at different times. It certainly doesn't only take place on your LMS. In the past it’s been difficult to capture the huge range of learning activities people undertake. This has several consequences, but chief among them is the unintentional devaluing of less formal learning, both by the individual and the organisation, even when this type of learning is more effective.

        We’ve designed MyLearning with interoperability in mind. During 2022-23, we'll develop import and export functions to make sharing data between MyLearning and some of the most common LMS platforms in health and social services possible. 

        Experience API (xAPI) and Learning Record Stores (LRS)

        MyLearning uses xAPI to keep track of learning activities across various platforms, applications and settings. xAPI statements are interoperable, so learners will be able to share their xAPI data from our LRS to yours.

        For more information, or to arrange a discussion on anything about MyLearning please contact digitallearning@sssc.uk.com.

        • Using QR codes

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          How to use a QR code

          Have you completed an online learning module or attended an event where you were given a QR code to scan at the end? 

          If you use the SSSC MyLearning smartphone app to record your learning then you can scan QR codes to quickly add a log of what you have completed. See the instructions below for guidance:

          • Step 1: Download and Install the SSSC MyLearning App 
          If you haven't already, download and install the SSSC MyLearning app from your device's respective app store (e.g., Apple App Store or Google Play Store). Ensure that you have a stable internet connection.
          • Step 2: Log In or Create an Account
          Launch the app and either log in with your existing account credentials or create a new account if you don't have one.

          • Step 3: Access QR Code Scanner
          Once you're logged in, click the plus icon at the bottom of the screen to add a new log. If a QR code is available you can click the QR code icon in the top right of this page. See the screenshots below. The icon may look slightly different on Apple devices but will be in the same location.

          • Step 4: Grant Camera Permissions

          When you access the QR code scanner, the app may request permission to access your device's camera. Allow the app to use your camera, as this is essential for scanning QR codes.

          • Step 5: Scan the QR Code
          Position your smartphone's camera in front of the QR code you want to scan. Ensure that the QR code is well-lit and that the camera lens has a clear view of the code. Hold the phone steady, and the app should automatically detect and scan the QR code.

          • Step 6: Amend and save your log
          Details of the learning will be automatically populated into the learning log. You can amend or add to these. For example you may need to add the relevant number of hours you spent if this is not specifically allocated already. It is also highly recommended to add your own reflections to the notes section to discuss what you learned. Once you have done this save the log, you can go back and amend this at any time.

          Please note, you do not need to scan a QR code at the end of a resource, if you prefer to add your log manually this is perfectly fine. If you are completing the module on the same mobile device that you use the MyLearning app on then you will not be able to scan a code and should add your learning log manually. Use the app in the way that works for you! 

          • Requesting a QR code

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            If you have an online learning resource or are holding an in person event where attendees will be learning about a topic we can create a QR code for you. QR codes are scanned within the MyLearning app and are programmed to hold details about your resource i.e. Title, time allocated etc.

            We encourage users to record what they have learned, this may be for Continuous Professional Learning.

            When a user scans a QR code it will auto populate details about the resource or event they have taken part in, they can amend these details and write more about what they learned. Scanning the code ensures that the attendees are all using the same details which allows us to check statistics such as how many people attended and scanned the code.

            Please note users do not have to scan the QR code and can manually add a log and input the details themselves. The codes are meant to make this process quicker but may not be suitable for all users.

            To request a code please email sssclearningtech@sssc.uk.com with the following information:

            • Title (there is a 30-character limit on this therefore we may shorten this)
            • Type of learning i.e. online/in person etc

            • Date (Optional)
            • Number of hours (Optional)
            • Tags (Optional)